Start a spiritual conversation and make virtual appointments

Some basic spiritual questions include “What experience do you have with spiritual things?” or “If you could know God personally, would you want to?” If this conversation is on text message, then set up a gospel appointment by saying “I’ve been growing recently in my relationship with God. I’d love to jump on a Zoom call soon and hear more of your story.”

Once you’re on the call you can use a three-story outline:

(1) their story, (2) your story, (3) God’s story.

If you use a platform like Zoom, screen share and provide a gospel illustration like “3 2 1,” “Two Ways To Live” or “The Story Film.”

Last week, we had a student start a spiritual conversation with a girl in India while they were playing video games on Discord. She mentioned she’d been struggling with serious family issues and felt broken and lost. She expressed a desire to start exploring other religions. Ben shared his testimony and challenged her to study the Gospel of John. He’ll be inviting her to join our online groups this semester.